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Secured and Unsecured Loans up to INR 1.5 crore
Single Application for Multiple Banks

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Get accommodation deals from the best service providers.
Apply here and reach to multiple providers at once.

Forex Transfers

Transfer Fees for Tuition, GIC, Blocked account at the lowest possible student discount rate.

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Bank Account

No strings attached. Unconditionally free account
No minimum balance requirement

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Credit Card

No account opening fees or Minimum Fund Loading Fees.
Fraud Protection - Security at the highest level

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Sim Card

Know your limits and stay in control with the right combination of options.
Recharge options are available to spend wisely abroad.

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Must have to avoid any emergencies during transit
Even if you face a financial emergency, we can help without delays and paperwork

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Forex Cards

One Card in Multiple countries. Easy to Use. 
Globally Accepted. So, Pay anywhere, anytime 


Surety/Guarantee to Germany Government that you have sufficient funds to take care of your living expenses.

Blocked Account

Surety/Guarantee to Germany Government that you have sufficient funds to take care of your living expenses. 

Flight Tickets

Join the ForeignAdmits Flying club to get exclusive discounts on Flight tickets. Fill in your preferences and get the best deals from all top airlines.

VISA Mock Interview

VISA Interviews aren’t HARD If you prepare well.

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It’s literally a couple of clicks away. Sign up on the platform and get amazed by the range of services for you. It’s easier than uploading that perfect DP for Instagram

Select Services

Deep Breaths! Deep Breaths! Don’t get overwhelmed by the range of services we have to offer. Just select the ones you need, and we will take care of the rest

Submit Documents

We handle most of the documentation work with the Banks and other service providers on your behalf! But you need to submit some primary documents as soon as you start your applications. Once the documents are uploaded on the platform, we take care of the rest. So, please don’t delay

Track Your Applications

Once you are done with your applications, just focus on your VISA applications and spend time with your family. And you can track your applications for the availed services in real-time. Sit down, Relax and let the platform wave the magic wand

Access Services

And it’s done. You have access to all the services you wished for. Avail them and soar high in your study abroad journey

Why ForeignAdmits?

Free Financial Advisory

We believe that funds should not be a barrier to your higher education. Good financial awareness helps you make proper financial decisions. Our teams are dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of education finance, be it Loans or Forex, for free of charge and get you the best fit for you.

Process made Transparent

Get real-time status updates on your dashboard for any service from our list of benefits and major service providers. No need to call any bank or company to check the results. Just skip the intermediates.

Get Results in Godspeed

Our system is integrated with service providers, banks or forex companies. You get to see their response immediately or at max within 2 days of filing the application.

Reliable and simple

Study Abroad has never been more affordable! ForeignAssists offers a range of Ancillary Services such as Accommodation, Flight Booking, Sim Card, Health Check-ups, Travel Insurance and much more at Affordable Prices.

Why students love us...

I am so glad I came across ForeignAdmits. I was looking for a FOREX card for Germany and they had the best rate. They were also really helpful in answering all my questions and walked me through the process seamlessly. The whole experience was quite easy and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a card!

Edument Consultancy

Prachi Naikdhure

I have actually come from Telegram Community. I was in the community for so many months and I got the link of product. Tried logging in and it was simple and straight forward. In last 15 days, I got approached by 3 banks via ForeignAdmits. I check the product everyday.

Edument Consultancy

Sooraj Shivakumar

It was very easy for the first time user. Its accurate and precise. Even I have changed the admit university later and still the process was smooth. I created the account and sent documents.

Edument Consultancy

Anjali Khusalini

Product is Pretty good. I don’t need to apply and upload in all the places, I have to do only once. Now recently I got calls from banks. This was pretty helpful. Product User interface was fine.

Edument Consultancy

Arjun Ballal

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